Vibration Blog Day 2

I’m extremely pleased with this experiment so far…

Nothing has ‘happened’ per se, but I just feel freaking great. That’s the point of it right? If nothing changes except that I feel amazing for 30 days, I think it would still be a success… but I’m already experiencing some pretty cool effects.

For starters, during my daily visualization today, I was visualizing what I wanted my life to look like… I saw all the rewards of my ideal lifestyle, and then I inquired into what it was I did with my time… And I saw that I created and marketed online courses, in the lifestyle design, personal development realm, and when I investigated further, I saw that a potential option would be to create a course in “upgrading your vibration.” That was incredibly cool, and it really made me want to take this experiment even MORE seriously.

I have a lot of material on abundance and ‘vibration upgrade,’ and I’ve been sorting through that and organizing it.

In the morning I listen to some sort of audio or youtube video on abundance.

My favorite one, which inspired this experiment was the Steve Pavlina video on creating abundance.

Each day, as a supplemental bonus exercise, I’m doing a single abundance/vibration exercise.

Today I am using more of Steve Pavlina’s advice and creating future memories that I haven’t yet lived yet.

People who succeed take their goals seriously. They move their goals out of the realm of fantasy and turn them into practical objectives to be achieved.

One of the simplest ways to take your goals seriously is to turn them into mental pictures and movies that you can describe visually. If you can’t tell me what you’re seeing on the movie screen, it’s a safe bet that your goal is just a fuzzy fantasy.

Usually, when people tell me about their goals the first time, it’s a fuzzy fantasy. They list things like: make more moneyhave more friends, and travel more. Does this tell you what you’re seeing on the movie screen? Nope. Is it clear if you’ve accomplished these goals or not? Nope. Do these pseudo-goals let you off the hook and pretend you’re making progress? Yup.

It’s okay to begin with a fuzzy fantasy, but don’t get stuck there. Move your goal out of the realm of fantasy, and turn it into a real-world experience. Frame your future experiences the same way you frame your past memories. Memories are events that happened. So turn your goals into similar events that can and will happen.

A real goal will eventually be achieved, and then it will become a memory. Memories involve sense perceptions, and they’re mostly visual. So if you want to set a clear goal, then describe the future memory. Traveling more or making more money isn’t a memory.

If I asked you what you did yesterday, would you say, “I made more money, had more friends, and traveled more”? If you said something like that, I’d wonder that you might have some brain damage. Don’t describe your goals like that either. State your goals and intentions like you’re describing a future memory. What are the actual events that you’d like to experience?

A memory is something like going to the top of the Eiffel Tower, enjoying the view of Paris, and taking a bunch of photos while you’re up there. That’s a goal that can be accomplished or not. It’s a goal that encourages real-world planning and action steps. It’s achievable.

So… When I was going through this process… I also had a realization, it came to me in a flash… if I want to create courses in the future… why not start creating a course NOW! Rather than waiting for things to change in the future. I obviously wouldn’t create a course in vibration upgrading, because I’m a novice at this stuff… but in the meantime, I could absolutely create a beginners course in something, something that I’m good at, and that was free, perhaps in exchange for email addresses to continue building my community. That thought felt very good, and it seems to be aligned with my path – I love creating something and having a mission. This is great stuff…


So I began brainstorming what course I could create and I didn’t come up with anything. Then I realized that I could relax, put the intention to my unconscious or the universe, and let it come to me, with grace and ease, rather than forcing it. So that’s what I”m doing now, which is an entirely different approach than I’ve taken in the past.


This feels good… I love this stuff. I love being on a ‘journey’ or a challenge.

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