Do you want to live a life of abundance, fulfilling all your desires, bursting with confidence, joy and charisma that you have total power in your reality and are the creator of your life?


Sounds pretty good right?


I am also interested in this… of course… and I’ve been exploring the subject for a little while now…


I recently did an experiment of creating habits to create and support a dominant abundance mindset in my life.


I learned a ton from that experiment, and I had some kick ass results.


I also learned even more from my failures in that same experiment.


Below I’m going to talk about what worked about that experiment and then what didn’t work…


After that I’ll introduce my new and improved experiment, and why this one kicks so much more ass than the first one, and how you can either follow along my progress or perform a similar experiment yourself.


The Lessons From The Abundance Experiment


When I first started the abundance experiment, I was pulling in, on average, $900 / month as a freelance writer. I was getting my freelance business off the ground and living in Thailand, so it wasn’t that bad, especially since I was just getting going really.


However, I had just lost my highest paying client, and I felt I had to do something to make a change from the current path I was walking.


Up to that point I felt like I had struggled really hard to get to where I was, and I was fighting an uphill battle with my work…


I was tired of putting in so much “hard work” for so little pay…


So instead of just working harder, I decided to make a shift in my consciousness, or mentality, first, and see if doing that, along with taking necessary actions would make a difference.


I decided to “upgrade” my consciousness to an abundance mindset.


The Results Of Abundance Experiment 1.0


I began doing daily gratitude exercises, and making it a point to hold onto that state of gratitude during the day as long as possible. I did this pretty well, all the while taking actions to grow my freelance business.


What happened was pretty incredible. I started marketing myself as a copywriter, rather than a content writer, and within 30 days, I had locked down a contract for $2750/month, which was 3 times the average monthly income from before. Most awesome !


Lesson #1 – COMFORT ZONE


Now, my success with this experiment didn’t just happen all by itself, the opportunities seemed to come to me after I made the abundance consciousness shift. But these opportunities were totally out of my comfort zone.


When I did grab these opportunities, I put so much time and effort into getting that job, it took an incredible amount of action and energy on my part. And it was something entirely new for me, so it was highly uncomfortable.


It was as if my shift in consciousness either brought new, more abundant opportunities my way, or my unconscious now wasn’t filtering those out anymore.

Lesson #2 – THE “FAILURE”


After I scored this job. I was so pumped! I continued practicing my abundance consciousness, but I stopped giving it much more effort than a little bit of maintaining.


I also found that I was thinking a lot about abundance conceptually, but not so much from a feeling or being standpoint (which I later realized is important).


I would write, think and talk a lot about the abundance mindset, but looking back on it now, I realize that back then I still felt as if I was in scarcity often.

The End Result


Long story short, that contract eventually ended, and this is when my mind and environment started shifting towards scarcity. I had completely stopped doing any type of abundance work at this point (hmm… coincidence?).


At the time of writing this I’ve been living on savings and a small amount of income from my freelancing, slowly burning my reserve… So I thought… What a perfect time to start this experiment.




I learned a ton from the last abundance experiment, especially from the failures of it.


This time, I’m taking a totally different approach.


I’m simplifying it altogether. It will be much less theoretical and cerebral.


The simple rule is this…


Take care of myself as often as possible. Do everything in my power to FEEL GOOD ALL THE TIME…. That includes what I’m focusing on and what I’m thinking about…


I got the idea from Steve Pavlina’s video on creating abundance.


Steve’s video is a guide to creating abundance in your life by shifting your ‘vibration’ to that of abundance. Your vibration is your vibe, the dominant energy that you’re giving off to the world.


His method is essentially this – Sit in a quiet place for 20 minutes, close your eyes, and visualize the kind of abundance you want to create in your life, and feel that it’s absolutely real, and feel those incredible, positive feelings as if you were enjoying that experience right now.


The idea, he says, is to get used to what that state of abundance feels like. This 20-minute session is only a practice and conditioning session. The goal is to shift your dominant vibration to that of abundance, so that more often than not, you’re in this state, feeling the feelings as if your abundance was real, right now.


He also mentions that once you get to this place of having a dominant vibration congruent with abundance, that you’ll have to take action, most certainly something uncomfortable to truly shift your reality to one of abundance.


What’s crazy is that’s pretty much how it went for me with my first abundance experiment. The only difference was that I found that the opportunity came even faster that I thought, at the time I’m pretty sure my dominate vibration hadn’t quite made the shift to abundance yet, I was still probably only in that state maybe 20-30% of the time. But maybe it was more after all.


So I decided to practice his suggested method for 30 days in a row with a little flare of my own…


  • Every day, I sit quietly and meditate for at least 20 minutes (this can be broken up into multiple sessions, for example, 10 minutes in the morning and 10 at night) while using my thoughts and visualization to bring myself into a state that I’d be in if I was experiencing abundance right in this very moment
  • As a bonus, I’m also challenging myself to do a little abundance exercise each day, to help shift more of my vibration and continue those feelings, creating that as a dominant state that I’m living in. I’ll share those different exercises here on the blog
  • I’m keeping track on a spreadsheet how I do each day, how many activities I participate in that make me feel good and raise my vibration. This way, I get motivated the more I complete each day to keep the ‘chain’ going and not to break it




I think one of the biggest challenges I’ve had in life is knowing what I want or desire.

I think my lack of focus has been such a big reason it’s taken me so long to start walking a path that I’m proud of because I’ve been all over the place, contradicting myself, never really committing.

But the thing is, I think I know exactly what I desire and want, I’m pretty in tune with what turns me on about life. What I think has been the case is that I’ve used uncertainty as an excuse to not commit because there’s been some fear of committing…

So, I will probably come up against some sort of fear of committing to something during this experiment… bring it on!

During this experiment and these exercises, I’ll also be affirming to myself that I know what I want and that the answers are coming to me about what I desire.

Below I’ve made a list of activities that are things that raise and lower my vibration, I’ll probably continue adding to this list as I think of more ideas. I just made these up, they’re things that I recognize make me feel good.


Vibrational Activities




  • Running
  • Exercise
  • Yoga
  • Mediation
  • Stretching
  • Listening to music that I love
  • Visualizing
  • Journaling
  • Reading Fiction
  • Laughing
  • Hanging out with friends that make me happy
  • Creating videos
  • Philosophical conversations
  • Connecting deeply with someone
  • Sex
  • Drawing
  • Making music



  • Too much alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Eating too much
  • Junk food
  • Negative thoughts


I’ll keep you posted how it goes!

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