5 Days To Master Your Habits 5 Days To Master Your Habits

Video Challenges!

Each couple of months or so, I like to get out of my comfort zone and create a 10 orĀ 30-day challenge. I reveal the whole process through videos and publish updates here regularly. Click here to follow along on my journeys.

Lessons & Articles

Along my journey, I’ll always provide you with the best, most effective lessons and techniques that’s I’ve implemented myself. Much of this content is provided right here on my blog. But some of it will be exclusive to my mailing list and private coaching clients.

Colin recently held a habit-installation workshop for a standing-room-only crowd that I was a part of. I gotta say, even after 15+ years of studying various personal development gurusĀ – Colin’s “no fail” habit forming techniques made me feel confident that I could could make ANY new habit my bitch.

Taylor West

Personal Branding Consultant, taylormetric.com

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